Jung so min and kim hyun joong dating 2013

She said after the filming of this drama, her thoughts on love changed to something more realistic. Before filming, she thought that it was fine to chase her dreams and find anyone, but now she thinks that she wants someone who grew up in a nice household with nice parents. The news about break up of Jung So min and Yoon Hyun Min shocked fans because they were doing really well after they had announced to the public that they are dating. Then, she took a short break in to concentrate on her studies in University.

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  • Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong Attend Playful Kiss Fan Meeting in Japan | A Koala's Playground.
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  • Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong Attend Playful Kiss Fan Meeting in Japan!

She restarted her actress job in She is also talented in Korean native dancing. That is truly my single biggest unfulfilled wish.

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Man, is it me or is he looking so manly, so grown up and so freaking hot!? See what short hair does for a mans face.

playful kiss- KHJ &JSM real life couple!!!! proof.

She of course is ever so very cute and glamorous at the same time. Both of them definitely look more mature and sophisticated with the new hairstyles. But they will forever be adorable together. They HAVE been communicating now and then. Whatevers……JSM is so cute! KHJ is missing out. Love his new hair style so freaking hot ya. And I miss him so much, seem like there were no news of him for so many months and So Min too.

She is forever sweet and pretty to me. Jdoramas do this way too often, whereas TW dramas almost never do this Kdramas are in between — which is to tease the possibility between the OTP but ultimately give the audience no satisfaction. I totally get your bitterness towards Kurosagi. I liked the drama as the mystery type but as a romance it never lived up to its potential!!

But this happened in other J dramas as well.. You are so right.

I felt like hanging and expecting for something romantic in that drama. I think this falls under the rom com category. The audience was said to be very surprised at the hug as well! People tweeted that they were screaming their longs out, haha. Apparently, even So Min was caught a little offguard, hence the shyness. HyunJoong sang 2 songs and So Min sang one song. She was said to be pretty good. Someone even mentioned that she got teased by him afterwards, since she is new to singing. Thank you for these photos. I wished for up sweep hair and voila…KHJL has a new cool up swept hair. It is so flattering on him and it makes me happy.

They both are so adorable. He is blessedly built. He is 1 on my list right now. I love them together!! I find him adorable!!! But I find him weird in photos lately, and in these ones if you look closely, looks like if he had a nose job, like maybe a touch up….. Does anyone thinks like me? More like a second one, cause seems to me, that before his debut he got a nose job.

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The pictures of him are not that close for me to see if he has done another touch-up on his nose. KHJ plays soccer a lot and I think if you had nose job, it would be difficult for you to engage in sports as physical as soccer. In some cases, the pictures look different because they have been edited already or it could be the make up. They have amazing chemistry and they look good together.

I agree absolutely with aas and Mai, from the bts videos including those from Japan TV recently they are really close and I bet they do communicated privately. They make such an ideal couple and I hope they will eventually be together. I would just like to point out that Lee Shi Young has taken up boxing. She has obviously had plastic surgery. So yes, it is possibly to have an athletic life after plastic surgery.


Can he get any cuter? Too bad his acting was meh, because I would love to see him in another drama. JSM is totally adorable in that brown dress.

Actually, it seems that she is exact fit of his ideal type. With natural make up. This haircut is what suits Kim Hyun Joong well. He is really one damn hot good-looking specimen no doubt about it but in terms of acting he still has to blow me away. I watched PK because of him totally eye-candy. Now I have to wait for the release of his solo album.


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I love him more as a singer though. KE always gave me the T. The Rain comparison is perfect. They have more pictures if you are interesting, including those of the evening fanmeeting where they are wearing different outfits. They also gave little tidbits on the stuff they got asked.

There is going to be a presscon sometime today, May 4th! And more updates will surely come about the fameeting! They look really good together. The hug is so lovely.

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I love the hug very much not too much and not too little. Look at his happy smile and her shyly smile. I like when they walked downstair together it looks so right. Hyun Joong is so manly with new hair cut but I still miss his cute dorky look.