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The Scientific Reasons You Should Definitely Date Someone With a Tattoo

Why not flash your flesh, show off your ink'fectious skin and let your body art do the talking! Tattoo Dating is a service tailored to the desires and lifestyle of those who love body art. By joining Tattoo Dating you will be entering into a network of people who share your freaky tastes and quirky interests! It's free to join , to search and view members profiles so there's nothing to lose by giving it a try. Here are just a few more of the awesome benefits that you can start enjoying from the moment you join Tattoo Dating.

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While the study confirmed that tattoos weren't associated with risky sexual behaviors, the study suggests tattooed people are open sexually and might sooner act on those desires. Tattoos inevitably send all sorts of messages out to the world.

Whereas historically tattoos were used to mark ourselves as part of a tribe or community, their messages are now more personal. People visit places and make them parts of themselves, so that they will forever bear marks of their unique visit.

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He added , "Our identities are far more particular, linked to our interests, affinities to cultural or spiritual traditions, tastes in music, and subcultural allegiances. The tattoo has become a vehicle for that sort of particular identification. Using a visible mode of expression contributes to the perception of tattooed people as being more open and unguarded. For some, a tattoo can indicate a generosity of spirit.

Ryan sees tattooed people as ready to share more stories and share their own "cultural beliefs. Since tattoos are almost always symbolic of something else, they can also indicate depth. In a way, it's a commitment to standing for something for the rest of your life," explains Susan, 26, who tends to date tattooed guys. Related stories by this author.

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The Scientific Reasons You Should Definitely Date Someone With a Tattoo

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