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By using this service you accept that any member profiles, messages and communication may not be genuine. That caution is particularly relevant if you are asked your surname, place of work, address or telephone number or if you are asked to arrange a meeting.

We're happy to report that from our investigation and our own research it seems that HookupHangout. It's not to say that we met anyone on the site and had success meeting women but the fact remains that we weren't bombarded with emails, we didn't have fake profiles blasted in our face and no bogus instant messages were received. Also we took the time to read the terms and conditions which uncovered no wrongdoing. We're not going to say that you're going to meet anyone on HookupHangout.

The site overall was fine but just like other sites I've been on, they had a very limited amount of members that were close to my location within 50 miles. The worst part of this site is that they make it very difficult to cancel your membership. Other sites all you have to do is contact them and tell them you want to cancel your membership. Hookuphangout makes you sign a form that then has to be faxed to them! What a freaking joke!

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I would recommend that people stay away from this site just because of that. Yes, it isn't free, but at least unlike many other sites they have plenty of real women there. We've investigated all three of those websites and we've concluded they're total […]. Says the review reports of scammer when you report,,,they don't do crap about it. Then let alone try to cancel service.. Site has place to cancel service…. Finally had to report to my Credit card company as fraud to stop them. Definetly a SCAM, just read terms and conditions point 3 , they say that you accept the fact that they create fake computer gererated profiles that will msg you.

In adition the procedure to cancel suscription is just a joke… because you can't purchase just a moth, you will be charged monthy forever. This article points that didn't receive messages.. LOL… i received something like 10 msgs without even upload a picture. I have been a member for 36 hours or so… I do not work for HH or any dating website….

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I posted 5 photos of myself dressed on HH, in a bathing suit, bare chested, exercising, but no nudity…. Same problem for letters received……Even messages you actually sent, will not be found there…………. You will wind up sending messages to the same people……. You will think you have sent messages, but they were not sent….

They do not register as sent……. My Inbox on Friday morning says that I have 85 letters……When i became a paid member, after using my credit card, I had ………Where did the other 75 letters go? It is not user friendly………..

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There are practically ZERO active members……. I have received s of letters in my inbox…….

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They are mostly from Europe……Women winking at me, wanting my skype or email address……….. HH also claims that if you pay extra on top of the GOLD membership, you will then be able to contact non paying members…………This is a lie, and HH staff have admitted this to me when i questioned them about it on the phone…….

Based on my 36 hour experience, the entire website is a non existent scam. Everything is defective or non existent……. It is that bad…. If you have any doubts, you can call me at ….. Don't until they can let you see individuals in your region and the last time that this person or individuals were actually on the site and not just putting up fake timestamps either.

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I will take a snap of what I am talking about without showing their pics for legal purposes. Well, it will not let me upload as it states it has to be x I don't know how to get it to be that. If you're a sex mad perv like me you aint gonna be disappointed with HH. I'd put it right up there with the better known hookup sites and for my district Milwaukee it's the best thing going and has A LOT of profiles on there. Sure you get some time wasting douche bags but in general its as good as youre gonna get out there.

Signed up to this over the xmas break and been pretty much addicted ever since. Wish I had joined when I first split up with my ex, all that time wasted on tube sites when I could have been doing the real thing The site is not bad overall.

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It has some disadvantages your inbox there get spammed sometimes , but what's good is unlike most of services HH has plenty of real women. I wish they could fight with those spammers better tho. I like that there are real chicks here. Was getting a bit sick n tired of not getting real replies else where but this site is much better than the others. Maybe if id tried it first I wouldnt be so impressed, who knows, as they always make it sound so easy to get laid. The good looking profiles are all fake, stolen pictures from face book, etc.

The entire website is infested with these Scammers and the operators know it. Just discovered this new site, its a kind of casual dating site aimed at the younger market I guess, helping people to meet up with others in search of a no string attached encounter. Its not a new concept, there are quite a lot of these kind of hookup sites out there but they can often get a bad name as its the more seedy side of online dating.

This site however, does it pretty well. Its really similar to a more conventional dating site, all of the same features to help you search or send messages, etc except its full of people looking for sex pure and simple. Not love or companionship, just wham bam thank you mam!

You pay for the subscription like you would normally do and then you can run searches for people in different areas who are signed up for this sexy dating. Im not sure if its for me as im more into the more ordinary stuff curiosity got the better of me, I couldnt help trying it , but if I was in the mood for something more casual, it would be a great option. There is certainly plenty of selection and everyone seems to be in the same frame of mind horny , if the messages ive received are anything to go by.

If its no strings youre looking for, this is the site for you. Been doing this for about a couple of years and def getting the hang of it now. And i will tell you how. HH is above average. Lots of women on there, some get back to you some dont.

They must get a lot of messages so I dont mind waiting. Main thing is the women are real so it gives you a chance of moving things along and getting your end away. Some sites think they can just add porn videos and stuff in their members area and that will keep punters happy not me. If I wanted porn id go to pornhub. I need real folk to talk to or else im gone. So far im getting that from HH so cant really complain.

Yes, it is real! Make sure there's enough members in your area and happy hunting! Will I be able to meet a mature woman of integrity, and looking to meet someone of substance. Cancel it on your CC end. Just stop payment to them and explain to your CC company that you subscribed to a service but they make it impossible to cancel so you are stopping payment. Has worked for me on dating sites. HH is a casual dating kind of site. Similar to AFF concept, but not as fake as they are. Write a Review Ask a Question Share. Dear member, Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback.


HookupHangout.com Review: We Tell You The Truth About HookupHangout.com

I can assure you that the only time employees post on review sites is when we receive an alert that there's been a dissatisfied customer, such as in this case. Fortunately this is rare for us but when it does happen we do our best to solve any issues. We hope you will try again and this time adjust your search preferences accordingly to remove anyone living a certain distance away. Thanks again for your feedback.