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It was introduced to the market in With an 80 percent increase in home refrigeration in the s, food storage proved to be the perfect application for Tupper's durable polymer. The stackable containers organized the fridge and spoke to a growing interest in hygiene; their patented "burping" seal-its name echoing a primary maternal task of s housewives--kept foods fresh.

Dip 'N Serve Tray; introduced in the s Tupperware fit the changing American lifestyle in other ways, too. From to , America's suburban population grew by 1. As Americans entertained more at home, Tupperware developed hostess-friendly items like the bowl-and-platter Dip 'N Serve Tray.

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Millionaire Collection Salt and Pepper Shakers; As early as , Tupperware was targeting upwardly mobile consumers with lines like the pastel Millionaire Collection, displayed and sold at the time in department stores. This item, which has an atomic-era style to it, incorporated a small toothpick holder at the top of the stand between the shakers.

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Carousel Caddy; Items like the "soft glowing" TV Tumblers were made to suit a decade that ended with 50 million televisions in U. The Carousel Caddy, a further development in Tupperware's home entertainment products, could hold half a dozen beverage-filled Tumblers securely within the built-in coasters on its bottom tier, while snacks sat on its top tier.

A handle at top not shown was designed for easy transport from the kitchen to the TV room--or the backyard, an increasingly popular spot for home entertainment.

Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. Hi I hope you can help, it has been very difficult to get any information for specific models of Tupperware. I have some Tupperware and I am trying to work out whether to keep or sell. But I have found it very difficult to find specific information on the age of the items.

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Now I have the bug and want to find out more, I have a set of 4 of both b-4 and A How old are they both? I cant find any b-4 online is brown a rare color? Did Tupperware produce different colors for the same style eg b at different times?

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Center for Universal Design ]. Since then, Tupperware Brands has continued broadening its plastic pantry of products to include more innovative containers and cookware in a rainbow of color schemes.

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But without the uncanny success of Brownie Wise and her phenomenal Tupperware Home Parties, Earl Tupper may have never moved his polyethylene products into the mainstream. The Sport Galloping to Popularity in Finland. Reaching New Generation of Customers.