Dating le creuset cookware

Look at the enameling on the inside of the pan. If the pan is advertised as new but the enameling is uneven or missing in spots, it is likely a cheap imitation. If the pan is advertised as vintage, check for the Le Creuset identifying marks in Step 3. Look at the edge of the pan on which the lid rests. If the pan is vintage Le Creuset, this edge should be enameled.

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Newer Le Creuset pans have only a coat of primer in this area. On fake Le Creuset pans, the underlying cast iron will show through. No, not all Le Creuset products are made in France. All the cast iron products are still made at the original foundry in Northern France. However, stainless steel products are made in Portugal, the stoneware in Thailand and the accessories in China. View more about Le Creuset history.

Le Creuset French Oven

They still operate from the same site today. The core competency of Le Creuset is cast iron. They are world leading experts in casting and they have perfected the difficult process of enameling cast iron. Over recent years, they have become a lifestyle brand and now offer a wide array of products. Materials used include, steel, ceramics, plastics etc. Le Creuset are premium products and they come with a premium price attached to them. This is fraudulent activity and many customers have been duped into believing their cookware is authentic.


These products will not perform as well as the originals, however they will perform a given task. Obviously, they are priced lower, in some cases significantly.

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I hope this information answers your questions about vintage Le Creuset markings. If you have any information to add, leave a comment below. The more information we share, the safer we all are in buying genuine vintage Le Creuset products.

I've been doing this for a long time so i hope i can pass on what i have learnt over my years. I hope you enjoy my blog posts, i'd love to hear from you so please do leave a comment. Would you happen to know about when this may have been made or if it is a forgery? Hi Kerri, Its quite possible that it is authentic.

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However, without seeing it, i could not tell you without any certainty. If you send a picture to Le Creuset customer service, they will be able to authenticate it. Your email address will not be published. Are all Le Creuset made in France? When did Le Creuset begin and where do they come from?

What is Le Creuset made out of? Le Creuset knock offs…are they common? What is the Le Creuset diamond mark? Since you are here…can i ask a favor?

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    Cleaning Tips for Le Creuset Cookware

    Production begins at Le Creuset making the world famous enameled cast iron Dutch oven. They all have smooth lids.

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    The Raymond Loewy designed Coquelle French oven is launched. Design changes implemented with looped lid handles replaced by stainless steel or phenolic knobs. Some pieces now feature ribbed instead of smooth bases. New Vitro base enamel introduced for glass stovetops. Designer Jean-Louis Barralt introduces Futura series. Le Creuset expands into new areas developing its cookware range under new ownership.