Dating relationship phases

This can occur on your first date, or right before it, or even right after it, but there will likely be an awkward feelings exchange for a bit of time before you settle into your new normal. It can be awkward to start dating your best friend after just being pals for years. It can be awkward to take innocent Twitter flirting to a stage where you are now going to a nice dinner and talking in real life. It can be awkward to interact with someone after sleeping together or kissing for the first time.

It happens, and it is really sweet. Embrace the awkwardness and try not to let it freak you out. Feeling unsure, wondering if they like you as much as you like them, not knowing if you should text or call or invite them to that thing or invite yourself to that other thing… this is all just part of the fun of the awkward stage. Even if your first date is just the two of you hanging out on a couch drinking wine and watching television—if it happens post-feelings declaration, it counts.

The Scientific Reason The ‘Honeymoon Phase’ Goes Away

Is this just casual? Are we just hanging out? Are we seeing other people? Do you want to see other people? Are you in love? There are so many questions that go into defining the relationship, and while it can be an incredibly anxiety-inducing conversation, it is also a very important one to have.

The 8 Most Important Stages of Dating

You may want to keep things casual while your partner wants to be exclusive. It is important to establish that as early on as you can in order to spare feelings. If you both want to be together, exclusively, great! The next stage is a good one. The Lovey Dovey Stage Not every serious couple has to be in love, of course. However, chances are if you have successfully managed the other stages, you will eventually meet this one head-on.

Being in love is incredible.

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Maybe this means an engagement and a marriage and kids and everything that comes along with it. Maybe this just means the complete comfort and familiarity of loving someone long-term. Maybe it means moving in together and being completely content in just being the two of you.

Regardless of how it looks for you, the partnership stage is where two people who have worked through and been through good times and bad, and come out continuing to choose one another.

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Dating is also scary and unclear and worrisome and magical and lovely and unique and delightful. Some of those perpetual issues or differences such as free-spending or frugal, neat and orderly or sloppy and disorganized, interested in lots of time together or more involved in outside activities begin to emerge.

The 8 Most Important Stages of Dating

At this stage of the relationship, couples will take note of the differences and may even begin to complain or attempt to problem-solve. As intimacy develops between the two people, more self-disclosure emerges, both verbally and nonverbally as couples act in ways that are more like how they are in their daily life. This is when the big question emerges even more strongly: Pushing for an answer; however, may cause real problems in the relationship. Each person needs to listen to their own inner voice and wisdom.

Kiss on the First Date?

Open and honest conversations should be happening as couples plan their present and future together. Questions about children, finances, careers, future goals and lifestyle should be discussed more fully. Differences are normal and couples will learn about themselves and their relationship as they note how they handle these differences with each other.

This is also an important stage for couples to use to evaluate the relationship and their ability to be part of an emotionally intelligent relationship. Engagements can be broken much more easily and can clearly be a better decision than getting married and divorced. For those seeking addiction treatment for themselves or a loved one, the MentalHelp. Our helpline is offered at no cost to you and with no obligation to enter into treatment. With that in mind, would you like to learn about some of the best options for treatment in the country?

Need help breaking free from addiction? She has expertise with clients Read More There are 4 predictable stages that couples experience in a dating relationship. Curiosity, Interest, and Infatuation During the second stage, attraction and infatuation are most pronounced. There is no need to rush through this important stage and every reason to go slowly.