Can you hook up 4 ohm speakers 8 ohm amp

Series wiring raises it.

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Assess your connections carefully before using your amplifier. Plug in a speaker cable from your 8-ohm amplifier to your first 4-ohm cabinet. You will need at least two 4-ohm cabinets to perform this task because a single 4-ohm cabinet will overheat an 8-ohm amplifier. Ensure you have plugged into the amplifier's speaker output jack and not a line out or other nonamplified output. Those jacks will not power a speaker or cabinet.

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Plug another speaker cable from the 4-ohm cabinet into another 4-ohm cabinet. This connection will give you a total impedance of 8 ohms for the amplifier. When you run in series, from one cabinet to another, you add the impedance of each cabinet to determine your total impedance. In this case, it is 4 ohms plus 4 ohms, or a total of 8 ohms. Wire two 4-ohm speakers in the same cabinet in series.

This method will raise the impedance to 8 ohms. Since you are dealing with individual speakers, you must wire them in series to get the desired results.

Speaker Impedance Defined

Wire the speakers as per the instructions. Plug your single 8-ohm cabinet into your 8-ohm amplifier. This procedure will allow for the most amount of watts going to the speaker cabinet. Use an impedance matching device. Plug a speaker wire from your amplifier into the impedance matching device. From the device, plug another speaker wire into the 4-ohm cabinet. If you want more info about this, just ask, because there is different types of elements that have different typical behaviours and the same with amps.

You can dig a hole that is very deep on this subject Best Regards Bo Eriksson.

4-ohm Speakers Should Typically Be Mated with Higher Power Amplifiers

Putting a resistor into the circuit certainly won't work. As SDplus mentioned, the speaker is not simply equivalent to a 4 ohm resistor and is sensitive to frequency in some probably complex way. In fact, if you hooked up an ordinary DC ohm meter to your speaker it would probably read much less than 4 ohms.

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  • How to Operate 4-ohm Speakers on an 8-ohm Amp | Our Pastimes?
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FWIW, I have 6 ohm speakers connected to an 8 ohm receiver and it works fine. Naturally I never turn the volume knob to Try it and see.

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If it sounds terrible, or the receiver gets really really hot, then its no good. You might be able to get away with it. I once put 3. You could try 2 ohm 10 Watt resistors in series with each speaker, might mess up the sound a bit, but the impedance would be 6 ohms and more stable. If the receiver is any good, it should be able to handle the load without a problem, just don't turn it up too much.

First things first, you almost definitely can hook up your 4 ohm speakers to your receiver Most amps are pretty tolerant of where the nominal speaker resistance lies.

4 ohm speakers on 8 ohm receiver? - Home Audio - Tom's Hardware

I used to have a device that you wire inline that will modify your current resistance by a halft, fourth, or an eight or 2x, 4x or 8x depending on how you wire it up. It was made by stinger and called an Accumatch and i used to use it to drop the reistance of my stroker and get more power out of my amp. It is quite large and heavy, but it would cause a short circuit condition over watts or so. Any receiver manufactured in the modern era will have power protection circuitry. Connect the speakers and listen. If they start to draw too much power, the receiver will probably shut itself down. Could I possibly wire a resistor into the circuit? LinuxPengwin Ars Praetorian Registered: May 13, Posts: Fri Mar 05, 6: Fixxer Ars Praefectus Tribus: Feb 13, Posts: Aug 23, Posts: Fri Mar 05, 7: Danderyd, Stockholm, Sweden Registered: Feb 12, Posts: