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If there was a dating app specifically for those interested in pregnant women, it would attract a bunch of creeps.

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Instead, how about joining a regular dating app and just be honest about your pregnancy? This is spot on.

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I was a single mom for 8 years prior to dating my now husband. And it was just a part of my introduction if I felt things were going in a romantic direction. My daughter was part of my "package" if you will and if anything it helped weed out the ones who really just didn't care or only wanted fun. But I agree, you are on a new journey to becoming a whole different person and adding someone new in the mix will just make things even more confusing. There will be some who think they can handle a situation such as ours and the one that actually can.

And that one is worth the wait! My husband actually remained friends with me for over a decade before we took it to the next level, so he knew pre-single mom me, the newly single mom me, and the well-established single mom me.

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It's the relationship I'm glad I waited for! Thank you so much for the responses!

Hormones have me fixated on odd questions here lately. Well, this is my second child. My son is 11 years old and I was a single mom with him since he was 6 months. Now, 11 years later, I am in a rocky relationship with my boyfriend and I am going to end it soon.

Dating While Pregnant: What It's Like to Bumble With a Bump

It sucks being a single mom of two, but I refuse to settle I believe the right man will find me Oldest Newest 8 Posts. Here's why it ultimately ended up being a good thing.

Check out our checklist for essential, practical and fun items to add to your baby registry. Created by lisababy Last post 6 months ago. Jump to Your Week of Pregnancy. In my perhaps naive opinion, fear is the worst enemy of a healthy mom and healthy baby. One evening, the pack of us ended up splitting pitchers of margaritas and plates of nachos at a local Mexican spot, and on our way out I overheard a heated conversation among a group of women at the table next to us.

Though their conversation was anything but personal, I felt attacked. This sentiment seems to be echoed almost everywhere I turned. I still find the same sort of fuckboi types attractive, of course—you know the ones: That type of guy is no longer into pursuing me. Thanks to my ever-expanding bump, I can completely avoid the type of partnership that would most likely have ended in a lot of wasted time—and wasted tears. By making the choice to power ahead with what I know is right for me, I have created an accidental filter that blocks the non-serious and non-committal.

Yes, being pregnant on my own cuts down the population of people interested in dating me, but is that such a bad thing? Once I noticed the shift I wanted to test this whole theory out on a more measurable scale, so I settled upon a research strategy. I made three online dating accounts on three platforms—Bumble, Tinder and Hinge—because, science. For a hot minute I thought about swiping right on everyone I came across to gather data on a wide sample of the population, but in the end I decided it would be more effective to follow my usual swiping tendencies and study how different the experience actually was while pregnant. I had tons of matches on all three platforms and, just like always, some were terrible at conversation, ghosted for no reason or seemed great but avoided plans to actually meet.

Dating While Pregnant!!

Plus I already had a couple safe, respectful, trustworthy hookup guys in my back pocket for those particularly horny pregnant woman moments. It was more than my delicate pregnant ego could take. I ended up meeting a guy I liked a lot—our first date was at a cool craft brewery at the very start of summer: A couple months later at my ultrasound, I realized that I had unknowingly conceived the day before our first date.

Then he went to travel around Greece for a month, and shortly after I got a positive pregnancy test.