Dating my realtor

We start joking with each other and at some point he said this crazy joke I made was okay because I was "so attractive" ahahahaha YAWLL I pretended not to hear it. Though I know I'm beautiful I'm super awkward about taking compliments.

We spent a good hour and a half in there just talking and laughing together before he asked me if I'd like to grab a drink with him. We walk a few buildings down to the lounge and he carries the gift bag for me and tells me I look insanely good.

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We get there, again he asks me where I'd prefer to sit everything is always up to me lol, he's such a gentleman.. I choose the bar. He tells me about his dating history and tbh, he sounded a little whorey. But he's not the aimless kind of THOT. He's the type who will seriously commit and give his all to the one person he decides to settle down with.

He talked about how hard he fought to keep his last relationship alive, how strongly he fell for the last chick he was seeing, etc. So even though he's a bit of a thotty, I'm not worried about whether or not he can commit. In fact, this man is older than I thought. It turns out he's over He says now's his time to really settle down with someone and have kids.

He must have told me at least a half dozen times he found me beautiful. He also said that he loves women with my body type. It's almost exactly like Rihanna's We walked over to the parking garage him again carrying my bag for me and since I was still in my heels he asked me if I'd like to wait in a certain area so I don't kill my feet walking with him. I told him I didn't mind, so off we went When we found his car, he tried his best to open it for me - but the neighbouring vehicle had parked too close for him to be able to!

He said he felt really bad about that, which was so cute. We continue enjoying conversation and he drops me off at home. I take my bag and hug him good bye, thank him for how amazing he's been to me and tell him that I'm truly going to miss speaking with and being around him. He said I was welcome and that I could text or call him anytime and we could also see each other whenever We may be going to this concert together in a few weeks.

So with that, I let myself out and head home, where I waited about 30 minutes to text him a thank you again and get home safe message to which he replies: He seems into me but why hasn't he made a real move to ask me out!?!?!??? I know he seriously dates women in my age range too, so I wonder why he hasn't asked me to something a little more blatant?

Is he waiting for me to do something? Any advice would be great. Jun 2, 2. Jun 2, 3.

Jun 2, 4. Ask you out how? Didn't y'all just go on a date? So he has asked you out. Jun 2, 5.

Establish your relationship

Jun 2, 6. This is so cute OP. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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    On Dating a Realtor

    When our real estate pipeline is bursting we are incredible givers: However keep in mind that while they might not know everything about the process, you might not know everything about their interests. Don't assume, always ask. In any relationship, secrets are no fun! As stated above, your client has hired you for a reason: For this reason your level of experience and professionalism is significant. Your client needs you to to be able to navigate the current real estate market, find them a perfect home adjusted to their needs, be technologically savvy, and of course, negotiate a great price.

    They depend on you; be patient while leading them through the process, and constantly adapt your approach on certain topics based of their level of knowledge as well as their personality. Undivided loyalty to and acceptance of your client is a must in this relationship.

    16 Things to Remember If You Love A Real Estate Agent | Lighter Side of Real Estate

    Buyers and sellers - and anyone really - like to feel as though they are supported in their decisions. Nobody likes to feel like they are burdening someone else, which can be common if one feels like they aren't being valued.

    Speed Dating your Realtor - Bright Bits Series - Episode 3

    To prove to your client that you're in it for the long haul, actively care about them, not just the transaction.