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It is precisely at the moment when all seems to be eroding into an abyss of destruction and nowhere one looks does the center seem to hold, that wisdom begins to flow as a new ordering principle of creation, a new way of relating with one another and a new way to envision the world.

The old world is indeed dying but not, as some might think, at the hands of an angry God. The old is dying because something newer, more fundamentally humane is arising in its place. This is the emerging wisdom culture and is what the Institute will study and support. What is essential to understand is that this emerging culture is already happening; it is not just an idea. We are transitioning from an era of change to a change of eras. This mandates an integrated approach to analysis and problem solving.

Most importantly, linking wisdom and the wisdom culture allows us to generate a positive vision of the next age that is already emerging. Central to any notion of an emerging wisdom culture is success at new forms of governance; new, socially responsible business; and at making civil society co-equal with governments and the corporate sectors in the development of a new global social contract. At the heart of the emerging wisdom culture is the emerging legitimacy of civil society in relationship to the political and business sectors.

People-power mobilized by civil society is a potential new power center, changing both voting and markets by reducing the pre-eminence of money and military force. This generates strong critiques of what is foolish and unwise because what is occurring or proposed is too short-term, too narrow, and too caught in cynical values rather than positive values. This also points any strategies developed toward a wisdom culture as an overarching goal state, so that in aggregate, the strategies of change agents start to converge and be synergistic rather than diverging and being in conflict.

The Cultural Creatives: An Interview with Paul Ray

This makes the tension between winning and being right easier to maintain because the goal of both is future sustainability. He designed and ran the original survey research, covering 15 years, that identified the Cultural Creatives.

In business, government and academe, he has headed research on more than major research and consulting projects, and written reports on them all. Sponsors and clients include many government agencies and large corporations.

His current research includes surveys on developments beyond left and right in politics, "the New Political Compass," and theoretical and practical work on the design of a wisdom civilization, working with NGOs, with new political groups and governments, and with green and socially responsible businesses. He is a founding board member of Green Economic Movement Strategies, which works with both businesses and nonprofit groups whose clients or constituents are Cultural Creatives, especially in the area of green and natural products and services, and in emerging green politics.

His recent publications include: Report on the American Values Survey click to download.

Cultural Creatives Are Changing The World | HuffPost

Emerging Wisdom Culture click to download. The Need of Our Time: The Need is for a Planetary Wisdom Civilization click to download. They demonstrate awareness of a large range of issues, and their values include wanting to rebuild neighborhoods and communities, achieving ecological sustainability, supporting limits to growth, seeing nature as sacred, wanting voluntary simplicity, and being willing to pay for cleaning up the environment and stopping global warming. Among the top values of Cultural Creatives are xenophilism love of foreigners, the exotic, and travel to foreign places , and ecological sustainability, which includes concern for planetary stewardship and global ecology, and concern for population problems.

The fact that women make up 60 percent of the Cultural Creatives is a key to understanding this subculture.

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Cultural Creatives hold a complex of highly correlated beliefs and values centered on the inner life. This represents a new sense of the sacred that sees a unity between personal growth psychology, the spiritual, and service to others. It also includes a stronger trend toward holistic health and alternative health care.

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Contrary to what some social critics have argues, an emphasis on the personal does not exclude a social conscience or political concern. Cultural Creatives are as engaged in the world as they are in personal and spiritual issues. Rebuilding and healing society are related to healing oneself, physically and spiritually. With that goes a guarded social optimism. Can we somehow turn that bullshit into fertilizer and rise like flowers, that is perhaps the creative question of our time?

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Time will tell — perhaps a generation that is just now arriving on the scene can turn the corporate-clad Titanic around, but it is not going to happen with the current crew, based on the media-conditioned apathy and sense of herd-driven self-interest being demonstrated by the current youth majority. My opinion of course. Not enough time, I think its up to those of us here now.

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We can do it, if we recognize we have the power, collaborate together, get organized and overwhelm the world with creative beauty, wisdom and magic…. Reblogged this on Advayavada Buddhism. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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